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Smoke Damage Restoration – What to Do After the Damage?


Fire is obviously very devastating to a home, especially in a property that you have invested your life savings into. Not only is it emotionally painful to see your home go down in the blaze, it can affect your finances, too. However, if you feel that there is still something you can do to your property, professionals from smoke damage restoration Chicago suggests that you take action right away so that you can minimize destruction. According to IICRC or the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, you should search for certified smoke damage restoration Chicago firms as they are proven to provide better and faster service compared to those that are not certified by them.


The cost of smoke damage restoration Chicago increases and the damages escalate as well when the cleaning process gets extended. This is the reason why you should not have second thoughts when you hire IICRC certified firms. Doing it hastily will give you a reward of having the destruction to your property halted so that they can begin the repairs.


Minutes after the disaster

Right after the fire, the residue of soot will settle on your property. Discoloration will start forming on porous materials. What’s more, expect it to be permanent, too. However, there are other surfaces that can be cleaned properly and remove its discoloration. Acidic soot starts staining other types of surfaces if they are not treated right away.


Within the hours after the fire, the surfaces will start suffering from the smoke and fire damage. If you own wooden furniture, it may require some refinishing. Metallic materials will start pit, rust then corrode. Your painted walls will discolor as well, starting from yellow. Don’t expect too much from your clothing as they will be permanently stained as well. And the flooring may need either replacement or refinishing, depending on the damage.